Zane Williams

Principal Designer / Interior Designer

Zane is a tenacious and creative designer. As an integral part of the City Collective team, Zane has led projects cross a diverse range of sectors including commercial, sporting, hospitality and residential. Zane’s creative involvement has resulted in the ultimate successful delivery of projects across a wide range of typologies and scales.

Zane prides himself is an experienced architectural and interior designer as well as 3D artist. Talented in concept design and graphic communication, Zane has highly refined 3D modelling skills which complement his natural communication skills. Being passionate about designing places that are a platform for meaningful, functional and positive human experiences, Zane uses his passion for communication and stakeholder engagement to better understand the unique context of all client and project needs, developing bespoke design solutions.

Zane has a Bachelor of Interior Architecture from the University of South Australia, which guided him towards a focus on human-centric environments.