Uniting SA, Gurr Street

The Uniting SA Gurr Street project was born from an Expression of Interest invitation by Renewal SA and the SA Housing Authority to increase the supply of land and development projects for affordable housing in South Australia.

With the assistance of City Collective, Uniting SA responded to this EOI and were successful in securing the backing of Renewal SA and their $550m commitment to spark investment, demonstrate innovation, and remove barriers to home ownership across the state – which will deliver 20,000 affordable housing solutions over ten years.

City Collective’s unique approach to inclusive affordable housing is demonstrated in the Gurr Street project. Providing housing outcomes across 39 dwellings, this residential outcome encourages casual interactions with other residents of the development in the community forecourt at ground level, and in the centrally located landscaped plaza at level one.

Uniting SA

Prospect, South Australia


Architecture, Town Planning