Nathan Marshall

Principal Landscape Architect

Nathan is a Registered Landscape Architect with a background in Capital City Local Government. Nathan has undertaken the delivery of design projects such as parks and reserves within greenfield developments, public spaces including urban and regional parks, in addition to coauthoring of Master Plans and Urban Design strategies.

Nathan offers a variety of skills including concept development, community engagement, landscape master planning, and contract administration. He is particularly passionate about design principles and strategies that promote biodiversity, adopt water sensitive methods, and celebrate indigenous flora.

Whilst at City of Adelaide, Nathan worked within a multidisciplinary design and transport team to contribute to the implementation of the Adelaide City Council’s Strategic Plan. Key projects include landscape enhancement projects within the Adelaide Park Lands and Squares, and the design delivery of major retail and outdoor dining strips such as Gawler Place and Waymouth Street.

Adopting a collaborative design approach which is sensitive to both natural systems and client needs, Nathan believes in the importance of recognising the existing values of a place and the enrichment of communities through a connection with the environment.

He has a particular interest in hand-drawn communication and developing innovative solutions to incorporating green infrastructure into challenging urban environments.