urban design / architecture / urban planning / aia

Justin Kearnan is a Managing Director at City Collective and has founded and led several international design practices across the world. He specializes in innovative, comprehensive city-building, and is a staunch advocate for liveable communities working across the full spectrum of project types and disciplines with an emphasis on Public, Private Partnerships.

He is recognized for his international experience thinking interchangeably at a variety of scales; from the person to the community, up to the city and the region. He brings experience in urban design, city planning, architecture, development economics, and urban policy, provoking all actors of city-making to think with a sensitive understanding of interwoven urban issues and opportunities.

His experience targets the intersection of planning, architecture, and urban design; engaging in issues of liveability, affordability, urbanization, land use, economic development, mobility, social equity, and environmental stewardship. He has held positions for several of the world’s leading urban-thinkers, including SOM, Elkus Manfredi, LS3P, and AECOM.